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Aircraft Docking Systems

Key to designing a successful Docking System is an understanding of the Aircraft and in particular the maintenance procedures and associated access requirements. Docks need to be reliable and failsafe, as well as providing maintenance staff the best possible access to an efficient and safe working environment. In addition to this, careful co-ordination is required to ensure seamless integration with other equipment such as overhead cranes, teleplatforms, and mezzanine floors

ASI Docking Systems are designed to facilitate aircraft maintenance operations through the provision of ergonomic work platforms to required areas of the aircraft enabling completion of works as efficiently and quickly as possible. With aircraft and maintenance personnel safety at the forefront of design, ASI engineer unique solutions that ultimately translate safety on the ground into safety in the air, keeping planes in the air longer and generating income.

ASI Staff are all highly qualified specialists in docking design with years of experience in the field. With the use of the latest computer technology in design and a commitment to the pursuit of engineering excellence ASI is fully equipped with the ability to offer first-class products and services that are unmatched by our competitors.

In particular, ASI can offer consulting, design and construction of the full range of docking systems for all commercial aircraft including:

  • Nose, tail, fuselage and wing docks individually tailored to suit any of the full range of commercial aircraft
  • Combination docks, in which the one dock is designed to suit a range of aircraft types.
  • Miscellaneous stair and platform units, including engine and underbelly stands.


The docks can be floor mounted or suspended from the roof structure and may be integrated to work in combination with other hangar services such as overhead cranes, teleplatforms and mezzanine levels.

With these factors in mind, ASI specialised staff ensure delivery of successful docking systems that are sure to exceed the end users expectations.