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Large Span Structures

ASI is not limited to the Aviation sector and holds a reputable experience in delivering specialised large span structures.
Few of the many advantages include:

  • The natural arch shape for Storage Warehouse Facilities suit the internal clearance profile for high stacking of goods
  • Column free internal space for Sporting Facilities means the facility can be reconfigured easily for several different types of sports.
  • The inherent strength and stiffness of the trussed arch solution allows capacity for support and integration into the roof structure of facilities to handle goods.
  • Aircraft Support Industries have developed patented methods for cladding the inside face of the building. This arrangement minimizes dust settlement, leading to significant productivity and safety advantages.

ASI is capable of engineering world class stadiums, bridges, storage facilities and warehouses using the latest techniques and technology. ASI can offer both Design and or Build promoting efficient and cost saving solutions. Size and span is of no limit.